What Is My Home Appraised At

An appraisal is a professional opinion of the value of your home based on what similar homes in your area have sold for in recent months. An appraisal isn’t an exact science – it’s an appraiser’s best.

Eppraisal.com is a free real estate information website providing home value estimates. We aggregate property records, recent home sales, neighborhood info, and local market data to help you in your real estate search. To get a free home valuation estimate today, please enter the address of your property in the form above.

How Does A Reverse Mortgage Line Of Credit Work Borrowers must qualify for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) based on their credit and income. The reverse mortgage line of credit is GUARANTEED. There is no such guarantee with a HELOC. In fact, with a HELOC, the bank can reduce or close the credit line at any time. This happened a lot after the real estate crash in 2008.

The extra things that make your home special will also be appraised. A home may be very basic, or it may have some additions that make it more appealing. Air conditioning in a colder climate, for instance, may be unusual for the area but fantastic for the homeowner during the few hot months of summer. A swimming pool is another example.

Proprietary Reverse Mortgage Calculator Here is a quick scenario for a 73 year old with no mortgage balance and a home worth $500,000: Most reverse mortgage calculator providers like Ibis and Reverse Vision won’t be updating their.

The Importance of Getting Your Home Belongings Appraised: An Interview with. My favorite, of course, is when someone has no idea that their piece has great.

Its also important to point out that the appraisal essentially is a document that is only used to warrant the size loan and is for the bank’s use. They do not want to provide loans that are for more than the value of the property. At the end of the day the home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

Appraisals are performed by professionals known as appraisers and, with photos, research, and analysis, home appraisal reports can sometimes stretch to 30 pages of more. The home appraisal process helps to determine whether a home buyer is over-paying for a home relative to similar for-sale homes.

It obtains your home’s value through a "broker price opinion" — BPO — through a home appraisal, or by using an "automated valuation model," often called AVM. An AVM is computer-generated.

Can You Get A Reverse Mortgage On A Condo If you live in a condominium, will many types of properties may be purchased with an fha insured mortgage, reverse mortgage condominium loans can more complicated than some other new if want condo. reverse mortgage rules require that the house with the reverse mortgage loan be the primary residence of the borrower.

Outside of providing a place for your family to live, your home is an important part of your financial plan, too. Here’s why it matters: Investment value: Over time, your home should theoretically increase in value.

Why Get A Reverse Mortgage What Are The Eligibility Requirements For A Reverse Mortgage The requirements to become an eligible hecm (home equity conversion mortgage) borrower include age (at least 62), equity in your home (any existing mortgage can be paid off with loan proceeds), financial resources to cover tax, insurance, and maintenance expenses, no other federal debt, competency, and the receipt of a counseling certificate.That’s why I talk so much about tasting and exploring. like LinkedIn or Instagram because that’s when they start to get.